Nathan and Katie Lindsay

Owner Operators

1992 will be a year Nathan Lindsay will never forget.  He had the priveledge to be a part of the community that built Nora Springs Golf and Country Club.  At the age of 11, he learned to golf, often walking 72 holes per day with two other youngsters.  From that time forward “Nora Springs Golf and Country Club” has always held a special place in his heart.


It was in 2001 that Nathan introduced his now wife Katie to the course and to the game of golf.  In fact their second date was here.  From that point forward what was his “if I had a million dollars” dream also became hers.  12 years, hundreds of conversations pertaining to “West Hills” and 4 children later, the dream of owning the Nora Springs Golf Course became a reality.


Nathan prepared himself for this time by obtaining his BA in Turfgrass Management from Iowa State University.  Interning during the grow in phase at a new course in Ames (Coldwater), taking his first step in his career with Manchester Country Club (Manchester, NH) as their assistant in training, moving to 2nd Assistant at the very exclusive North Shore Golf Club (Menasha, WI), finally coming back to Iowa (with the birth of their first child) becoming 1st Assistant at Pheasant Ridge Golf Course in Cedar Falls, Iowa.  Each stop along the way has given Nate a great learning experience as it all lead to Buffalo Run Golf Club.


After 20 years as West Hills Golf Course, Katie and Nathan thought it was time to dedicate the course back to its heritage.  Buffalo have always been a distinct theme in Nora Springs History, and their yearly celebration “Buffalo Day” shows this.  With this idea in hand the name Buffalo Run Golf Club was born.


Buffalo Run is at the heart of a family owned business, as you will often see Katie and Nathan working with their children showing them what hard work looks like and that dreams really do come true!  Don’t be surprised to see other family members and community members here helping out doing what needs to be done.  It truly is a community place.


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