Please check out #3 cart path!  We are excited it is finally ready for carts.  While you are on it, make sure to check out just how much sod was laid down around that retention basin.  Sod was also added to the west side of #7 cart path and the retention pond between 1 and 8.


We have teamed up with the local Pheasants Forever Farm Bill Biologist to guide us through sewing native prairie grass in all the ground under repair areas that have been created.  That project should be completed by the end of the 2015 season.  This sewing (along with the cart path and #3 and its landscaping) will see the course renovation project of 2013 finally finished!


The greens will be getting overseeded and verticut throughout this season.  This routine maintenance will create a stronger, healthier green that will be able to withstand the drastic climate changes we have seen the past few years.  We have also replaced irrigation heads for the fairways, heads for the greens and some irrigation boxes, satellites and walkie talkies.  What this means is that our irrigation process can now be more precise and more efficient (water use and labor hours)!


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